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  • Directional Drilling and Survey Services / Wireline, Logging and Perforating Services
Uni-Arab Directional Drilling and Survey Services Division offers a total package of services for directional  survey and orientation operations:

     - Magnetic and high side steering tool.
     - Magnetic single shot.
     - Magnetic multi-shot.
     - Single shot gyro and Multi-shot gyro.
     - Single data surface recording gyroscopic system.
     - Multi-data surface recording gyroscopic system.
     - Scientific drilling controls finder GYRO system.
     - Scientific drilling controls KEEPER GYRO system.
     - Directional drilling and gMWD.
     - Latest Gyro MWD Technology.

In addition, Uni-Arab Directional Drilling and Survey Services Division also offers a computer program service to calculate and plot survey results and specialized engineering services.  On the rig this equipment is operated by company-trained specialists and survey professionals carefully selected and extensively trained to know our equipment from probe to read out.

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