• Corrosion Technology and Coating Services Division ( UNI-COAT )
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Our UNI-COAT division was established in 1989 as a result of a licensing agreement with a leading United Kingdom manufacturer and applicator for glass flakes composite coating technology. Glass flakes coatings are the most efficient up to date solution for all corrosion/errosion problems, and our principal Corrocoat Limited is one of the leading manufacturers and applicators of glass flake composite coating technology.

We are specialized in oil, gas, water and power related products and services, and have an anti-corrosion workshop facility in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi  with a  a range of over 40 specialized coating material processes specifically aimed at solving severe corrosion problems in industries as diverse as sewage, oil and gas exploration , production power generation, marine, and water supply.

We have completed many jobs for ADMA, ADNOC, NDC, ADCO, ADWEA, ZADCO, SEWA, UANPC, BABCOCK, JGC, SNAMPROGETTI, ELF, for a wide variety of equipment including but not limited to vessels, test separators, condenser tubes, heat exchangers, water boxes, pumps, valves, pressure filters, etc. where aggressive environments are involved. We have a particularly impressive track record with ADCO and ZADCO where our products have been used in all fields over the past six years with outstanding performance. Our products have also been used in the sewage and wastewater industry where one of our major clients is Abu Dhabi Municipality. We are also specialized in the internal lining of pipes and fittings. We recently completed the internal lining of PROVER LOOPS for an ELF project by using our own patented Pipe Sprayer and Pipe Blaster equipment  which can line pipe diameters as small as two inches.

Our staff have been very well trained at the manufacturers' facilities in the United Kingdom and are  experienced in corrosion resistance technology. Jobs are supervised under certified technicians, supervisors and highly skilled laborers. Our NACE certified coating inspectors are supervise jobs both onshore and offshore.

We also work with M/s.CORROCONT Ltd., Hungary who are specialists in tank floor and heat exchanger tubing scanning systems, LFET, Cathodic Protection design and installation, computerized surveys and the manufacture of CP instruments and anodes.

In 2001, the UNI-COAT Division, in conjunction with the Total Pipeline Integrity Division, further extended its services to include pipeline integrate services such as maintenance, cleaning, drying and pressure testing, in addition to the supply
of a wide range of pipeline pigs and accessories including bi-directional pigs, foam polly pigs and accessories custom designed pigs to meet specific needs.

Additionally, we can also undertake the internal inspection of pipelines using intelligent pigs based on the use of the magnetic flux leakage principle. Sensors are arranged around the entire circumference of the pig and enable full coverage of the pipe wall. A deviation of the magnetic field at a flaw or defect is detected by these sensors, electronically processed and stored in memory. The client is provided with a report including a features list containing all flaws and defects found.

We have the latest equipment available to provide quality jobs. Quality is an aspect of our business that is vital to our operation and very important to us. Uni -Arab maintains and implements a stringent quality system through the company's quality assurance manual and the ISO standard.


Coating System : High technology coating system developed and manufactured by our Principal Corrocoat - UK. Provide sophisticated methods of corrosion prevention which are increasingly specified as the industry standard. Our coating system offers specialised protection and repair treatment for both new and existing plant and structures.

Design : UNI-ARAB in technical collaboration with CORROCONT ( Hungary ) undertake exclusive design and installation responsibilities for Corrosion monitoring and cathodic protection requirements in line with Clients' specifications.

Computerised Survey & NDT Inspection : We are well experienced in different survey techniques and tests involved in cathodic protection performance analysis and coating evaluation tests, NDT inspection of tanks using LFET and pipelines through CIPS and DCVG Survey.

Supply Of Material : Through our principal CORROCONT, UNI-ARAB can provide any Corrosion prevention material , equipment or instrument specially for cathodic protection and corrossion monitoring applications.

Pipeline Services : In conjuction with the TPI Division, we can provide cleaning, drying, and hydrotesting of pipelines. We can also fabricate and supply pigs and carry out intelligent pigging and pipeline rehabilitation services.