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This division offers a range of equipment to enable the safe and efficient removal of oily sludge from confined spaces. The objective is to use mechanical equipment to minimise or totally eliminate the use of people in confined spaces.

The pumps and dozers are hydraulically driven providing a safe operational system for hazardous areas. The diesel driven power pack can be situated in a safe area powering the equipment.

The equipment is made in various sizes depending on the application, and can be fixed or in component form to go through an 18" manhole. The tracks can be used to agitate the sludge, pushing it to the pump suction.

The dozer can be fitted with cannon to flush liquid sludge to the hydraulically powered pumps.

Ever increasing environmental awareness and legislation is demanding that oily sludge is treated, as it is no longer acceptable for it to be sent to landfill/lagoons.

The system is based on a purpose built sludge pre-treatment system for pre-screening, heating and homogenizing the sludge under controlled conditions.

The separation is carried out by a purpose built decanter centrifuge, which can produce quality separation into three phases.

  • Tank & Vessel Cleaning & Oily Sludge Remidiation Division.