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  • Total Pipeline Integrity , Offshore Pipelines Support / Grouting and Stabilization Services .
In 2001 the UNI-ARAB COATING Division (UNI-COAT) was further extended to include pipeline integrated services including pipe cleaning, testing, drying etc. as well as a full range of corrosion services.
Later in 2001, and in an effort to better reflect the additional range of services of the UNI-COAT Division, it was renamed the UNI-ARAB Total Pipeline Integrity Division.

A small, but well experienced, core base staff was recruited and based in Mussafah U.A.E. This core base was tasked with providing all the Total Pipeline Integrity services required by clients in the U.A.E., later to be extended to all areas of the Gulf and beyond.


The range of tools and services provided by UNI-ARAB Total Pipeline Integrity Division extends from traditional services such as pipe coating, maintenance, cleaning, drying and pressure testing of pipelines to the supply of a wide range of pipeline pigs and accessories include bi-directional pigs, foam polly pigs, and accessories custom-designed pigs to meet specific needs.

UNI-ARAB Total Pipeline Integrity Division can also undertake the internal inspection of pipelines using intelligent pigs based on the use of the magnetic flux leakage principle. Sensors are arranged round the entire circumference of the pig and enable a full coverage of the pipe wall. A deviation of the magnetic field at a flaw or defect is detected by these sensors, electronically processed and stored in memory. The client is provided with a report including a features list containing all flaws and defects found. The type and dimension of these and any other anomalies are stated within the measurement specifications of the tool. Magnetic flux provides an indirect wall thickness measurement reported in three classes of metal loss.

ACTIVITIES : Cleaning of Pipelines and Storage Tanks, Pipeline & Station Maintenance , Hydro Testing, Drying, Pipeline Coatings, Online Inspection Services, Fabrication of Launcher / Receiver and High Pressure Manifolds, Fabrication and Supply of Pigs, Inspection of tanks / Engineering Services / Defects assessment, Corrosion expertise - DCVG / CIPS Survey - Cathodic Protection, Pipeline/Tank Rehabilitation and Pipeline Integrity Management.