• Telecommunication and Electro-Mechanical Division ( Oil, Gas and Petro-Chemical industries )
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This division was established to meet the growing demands in cities and urban developments and the immense industrial growth in our region for the design, supply and erection of plants and equipment.
UNI-ARAB has associated itself in this field with some of the finest and most highly qualified companies from the United Kingdom, Italy, U.S.A., Canada, Brazil, Hungary and Bulgaria.

     - Maintenance, overhaul installations of all electrical/mechanical equipment such as generators,
       turbines, etc.
     - Construction and assembly of distribution networks, rural electrification systems and street
     - Installation and assembly of pneumatic and electrical instrumentation systems.
     - Assembly of industrial supply, distribution, illumination control and energy metering systems.
     - Underground cabling.
     - Design, supply and erection of storage tanks for oil and water, complete with necessary piping,
       compression and measuring equipment.
     - Relocation of mechanical/electrical equipment.
     - Fire and gas detection and protection engineered systems, distributed or centralized systems,
       control systems, shut-down systems and extinguishing systems.
     - Instrumentation of petro-chemical plants.
     - Design, supply and erection of mast towers for all radio application, microwave towers, earth
       satellite equipment.
     - Installation and assembly of telecommunications systems.
     - Installation and assembly of telecommand, telemeasurement and telesignalling systems.
     - Design of material supply of EXXE trace heating equipment (Turnkey projects).
     - Design of desalination and treatment plant.
     - Aqua nova systems (Turnkey).
     - Thermo-compressor for sea water and brackish water desalination from 100m3 to 15,000m3 per day.
     - Semicont reverse osmosis system (Turnkey).