• Security and Management Services Division
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The role of the SECURITY & MANAGEMENT SERVICES DIVISION is to provide security and management services to government and industry . We address security needs through security assessment, threat analysis requirements, determination program design, implementation and training.  We use  systematic and logical approaches to known and potential threats.  Proper security management prevents or limits the damage that such threats may wreak on personnel, property, operations and the organization's viability .

UNI-ARAB SECURITY AND MANAGEMENT SERVICES DIVISION places equal emphasis on technology, planning, procedures and cost effectiveness.

Our services include : supply, installation, consultation, training and maintenance of security related equipment ; state of the art X-ray equipment and detection systems, intrusion detection systems, access control systems, special purpose electronic devices for law enforcement, military and government agencies, a complete range of electronic surveillance systems and complete library and archives security systems.        
Consultancy services include : security systems design and implementation, contingency planning and crisis management, building design, international aviation organization and treaties, airport and aircraft security systems and drug interdiction.


UNI-ARAB'S SECURITY & MANAGEMENT Division is a technical services and solutions provider headquartered in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. The Division supports government, military, industrial, utility and commercial clients through its multi-discipline areas of expertise: Design and Engineering Services; Integration Services; and Support Services.

Design and Engineering Services provides professional, comprehensive, architectural, multi-discipline engineering, design and consulting services for specialty systems. Our expertise ranges from systematic evaluations, to detailed application engineering, to system installation support and acceptance testing.

Integration Services provides applications engineering, equipment procurement, systems integration, installation, testing and training. Our expertise is applied in a manner that produces competitively procured, turnkey systems that are optimized for your facility.

Support Services complements our design, engineering, and integration services. Our expertise identifies trade-offs between staffing and equipment applications, enhances the operation of existing security programs, provides quality assurance, management support, program development, configuration management, training and specialty services.

Uni-Arab uses the MAN / MACHINE BALANCE concept, emphasizing the optimum utilization of people and hardware, as our guide. The result is an efficient and cost effective solution that achieves a balance between well-trained individuals, practicable procedures, and appropriately applied state-of-the-art technology.

The Uni-Arab staff members responsible for their respective areas exemplify a high degree of expertise in their fields. Collectively, they embody an array of skills and expertise  which far exceeds that normally found in the security and life-safety industries. Capable of meeting the most stringent and demanding challenges of today's ever changing environment, UNI-ARAB'S SECURITY & MANAGEMENT DIVISION stands ready to provide a wide range of systems and services.