• Filtration Services
UNI-ARAB FILTRATION DIVISION pioneered the introduction of this specialized service to the Oil Operating Companies.

Filtration  is a critical step for a well  to produce at its full potential and remain on line for an enhanced period.  Filtration can be defined as the removal of solid particles from a fluid.  Since these particles are not uniform in size various methods of removal must be used.

Filtration, though still relatively new to the oil patch, has come though from the old surface filtering system to what is now a highly sophisticated system.

Filtration for all types of fluids is possible with UNI-ARAB ENGINEERING AND OILFIELD SERVICES. We have one of the most experienced teams for Filtration Technology.  We also have a large variety of up to date filtration equipment of capacities from 240 gallons per minute up to 650 gallons per minute utilizing both the nominal type filter cartridges and the absolute type filter cartridges. Furthermore, we have a centrifugal separator system of 160 GPM capacity for removal of solids ahead of filters, removal of cement and sand from completion fluids separation where fluid is less than 15 P.P.G. and solids have 1.5 SPG or greater.

Filtration applications are used for filtering of fresh water, sea water, brine water, aquifer water, brackish water, calcium chloride and calcium bromide, brine and other fluids.

This can be achieved easily by filtration of all fluids introduced to the well. UNI-ARAB has vast experience and a proven track record in this field.        

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