• Environmental Services Division (ESD)
The role of the Environmental Services Division (ESD) is to provide consultation to governmental, academic & research firms and industrial operating companies.  The ESD is further responsible for:

    Internal Operations, such as:
     - Developing a system which provides standard operating procedures to be implemented and
       followed by all employees in office & field operations
     - Reporting to the assigned Government Agency
     - Implementation of the OHS&E system within the company
     - Conducting Internal Audits & Inspections
     - Reporting to Top Management the effectiveness of the OHS&E system
     - Continual Improvement and updating of Policies & Procedures

    External Operations, include consultancy services, such as:
     - Environmental Management Systems (EMS/ISO 14001)
     - Health, Safety & Environmental impact Assessment ( HSEIAs )
     - Environmental Compliance Action Plans ( CAP )
     - Environmental Inspection/Auditing
     - Air Quality Monitoring
     - Soil / Groundwater Quality Monitoring
     - Marine Monitoring
     - Pollution Assessment, Prevention & Control
     - Remediation & Pollution Recovery
     - Waste Management Planning
     - Occupational Health & Safety Assessment
     - Risk Assessment & Loss Prevention Studies
     - Chemicals, Hazardous Materials & Waste Management

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