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  • Down hole Tool Division and Completion Engineering Services
This Division of UNI-ARAB ENGINEERING AND OILFIELD SERVICES handles a complete and comprehensive range of completion and down hole tools technology in both the service and supply segments.
Services and equipment provided by this division are :

     - Permanent Packers
     - Retrievable Packers
     - Down hole Safety Systems: Tubing retrievable Safety Valves and accessories, Wire line
       retrievable Safety Valves and accessories, Annulus Safety System and accessories and Chemical
       injection system
     - Flow Control equipment
     - Primary Cementing equipment : Cement Float Collar , Cement Float Shoe, Cement Baffle Collar
       with hole, Cement Guide Shoe, Stage Cementing Collars and Cementing Baskets Centralizers
     - Cementing and Work over Tool and Services
     - Brown Liner Hangers
     - Inflatable Packers
     - Open Hole Drill Stem Testing Tools and Services
     - Thru Tubing Inflatable Work over System
     - Gas Lift Equipment
     - Fishing and Milling Tools
     - Pack Stock Side Tracking System
     - Rotating Drilling Heads
     - Complete Range of Completion accessories : Pup Joints, Flow Couplings, Blast Joints and Cross
     - Complete range and size for Casing and Tubing
     - Slotted Liners for Horizontal Completions System.