• Coiled Tubing Services
UNI-ARAB ENGINEERING AND OILFIELD SERVICES COILED TUBING DIVISION was established in 1981 with its first operations in Abu Dhabi , U.A.E. as one of the first Middle Eastern companies to offer this type of specialised service in the Arabian Gulf Region.

We offer the following Coiled Tubing and pumping services: Stimulation by pumping acid and nitrogen, Cleaning sediments and removal of paraffin plugs, Small squeeze and plug-back cementing jobs, Drilling operations, Unloading wells by pumping nitrogen gas, natural gas and diesel, Electric wire line logging with coiled tubing speciality for horizontal and highly deviated wells, Many wire line type operations and fishing jobs, Running thru tubing inflatable packers using coiled tubing, Video camera logging on coiled tubing and velocity permanent completion strings - 2-3/8" 3-1/2" O.D.
High performance, sophisticated equipment and a very professional experienced team, has lead to long term contracts with  ZAKUM DEVELOPMENT COMPANY (ZADCO), ABU DHABI COMPANY FOR ONSHORE OIL OPERATIONS (ADCO), ABU DHABI MARINE OPERATING COMPANY (ADMA-OPCO),  UDECO , AMERADA HESS , TOTAL ABK  and other Oil Operating Companies in the area.

Our Coiled Tubing fleet consists of equipment of sizes 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" and up to 2" capacity.  All of our equipment is designed for sour services working environment.  They are built as skid mounted for offshore operations and trailer mounted for onshore operations.  Our onshore coiled tubing units are equipped with a crane capable of lifting the injector head and the B.O.P's for rigging-up on rig-less operations at the well head.  From inception, our coiled tubing operations have achieved continuous success and high performance.

We are the first company in the Middle East to perform a coiled tubing operation in a Horizontal Well (UZ-175).  We have also broken the Middle East record on 14 February 1992 by running our Coiled Tubing into the longest Horizontal Well Section of 4306 ft.   (UZ-304).   Both wells mentioned are for ZADCO/ADMA-OPCO.

The Coiled Tubing Technology has a list of economical and advantageous applications.  Of all the thru tubing well-servicing methods, continuous tubing appears to have the greatest potential for growth in capabilities, applications and cost savings to the industry.

UNI-ARAB Engineering and Oilfield Services provides the latest technology available in the market.

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