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  • Chemicals, Petro-Chemicals and Mud Services
-ARAB ENGINEERING AND OILFIELD SERVICES - MUD AND CHEMICALS DIVISION offers a complete product range consisting of over 300 items which are either manufactured or blended "in-house", from basic raw materials, at manufacturers own facilities.  Alternatively, they are "toll blended" by third parties, strictly according to own ' Proprietary Formulations under strict quality control procedures and according to the requUNIirements of OCMA (Oil Companies' Materials Association) or API (American Petroleum Institute) specifications, where applicable.

These products are currently supplied in UNI-ARAB's area of operation to major international Clients in 19 countries, involved in oil and gas exploration drilling, water well drilling and production, work over and completion .

Our range of services are as follows:

    - Drilling fluid additives
    - Work over/completion additives
    - Speciality production chemicals
    - Cementation additives
    - Commercial chemicals products used within the oil industry
    - Drilling chemical blending plants and mixing facilities, rentals, procurement and installation
    - Related engineering services connected with the above.

Our reputation has been built upon our ability and commitment to provide the highest quality products and packing at extremely competitive prices, with prompt delivery.

We are continually working to improve products in terms of price, quality, performance, specification and innovation, and are committed to a working with environmentally friendly products.

With over 26 years of international experience in the drilling fluids industry, UNI-ARAB has rapidly expanded its international operations to include several countries within our sphere and major end users, providing a high quality range of products and specialized services.

We have achieved this rapid growth and international recognition through innovative use of speciality products developed in-house, together with strategically placed blending facilities and fully stocked warehouses.  This allows the Company's marketing and shipping departments to respond swiftly and efficiently to clients' needs and requirements worldwide.